Na Verandě U Toulovce Pub (5km)

A real honest pub. Excellent roast ribs, good beer, pleasant unpretentious atmosphere.

Bor u Skutče 60, 53944

U Toulovce Restaurant (1km)

Located right on the Prosec town square.

Family Restaurant u Maresu (2km)

Restaurant Polanka – Nové Hrady (6km)

Ideal for family trip stop or cycling break and refreshments.

Château Restaurant – Nové Hrady (7km)

In one of the administrative buildings right in the courtyard of the Nové Hrady Chateau there is a restaurant with a capacity of 60 seats. The restaurant environment rertaines the chateau character and includes three interconnected lounges. In the basement there is a Castle Winery with a capacity of 16 seats.

Restaurant Camp Borová (7 km)

Bohém Restaurant Litomyšl (20km)

Restaurant Švandova Roubenka - Borová u Poličky (8km)

The ideal stop for lunch or dinner on your trip. Traditional cuisine in a traditional Old Bohemian timbered setting.á/

Herešova Pub – Polička (16km)

Under the vaulted ceilings of the restaurant or in the courtyard of an ancient, 27-meter deep well or gallows, there are more than 120 guests. The gastronomic experience guarantees selected dishes from the cooks of the chefs, the cook according to the secret spirits, both from the simple people and from the luncheon kitchens.

U Svatého Huberta – Betlém, Hlinsko (18km)

Bethlehem is a monumental reservation of folk architecture in Hlinsko and together with Veselý Kopec is also part of the largest natural museum in Bohemia. The menu of this Old Bohemian pub is Czech and international cuisine, venison, poultry and fresh fish on weekends.