Pastvisko – Horse Riding Station (0.5km)

It’s never too late to ride a horse! Literally 2 minutes from us our neighbors and their warm-hearted staff professionals run horseback riding center where you can test your riding skills or just start with lessons. In winter, they also offer horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides!

Family Skiing

See Section SKIING (Vysočina Aréna - Nové Město Na Moravě, Hlinsko, Svratka, Jimramov, Polička, Trhová Kamenice)

Family Biking

See Section HIKING/BIKING (Cykloaréna Vysočina - Nové Město Na Moravě, day trips around Toulovcovy Maštale)

Family Swimming

See Section SWIMMING (Aquacentrum Pardubice, Outdoor Aqua Park “Cihelna“ Pardubice, Trhová Kamenice, Outdoor Aqua Park Polička, Aqua Park Chrudim, Outdoor Aqua Park Svitavy, Outdoor Aqua Park Litomyšl, Dam Pilská, Dam Seč)

Pohádkové PEKLO - Čertovina u Hlinska (16km)

Very cool trip for the whole family. This place, all tuned in hell-style, deserves your attention. The uniqueness of this place lies primarily in the fact that its total of 5 floors are hidden underground at a depth of 12 m. Up to this depth you can get through a variety of programs.

Cat Fort – part of Slatinany Castle gardens complex (30km)

Cat Fort a is miniature fort for children and was built 1901. It’s a nonchalant, old cement-made playground and a great site to make the visit of beautiful Slatinany Castle less tiresome for those little ones.

Observation Tower Chlum – part of Slatinany Castle gardens complex (30km)

The tower was built by the prince Vincenz Karel, after in the 1850s and it was used as a fire alarm. The massive stone pavement lay in the wooden indoor gallery, thanks to which the tower height was about 10 meters.

GPS: 49°54'5.901"N, 15°47'36.953"E

Sikland Amusement Park (52km)

This amusement park not far from Prosec is filled with family entertainment and brings you back to times of the wild american west. A day trip here sounds like a great idea! Western style performances by actors, a fabulous firework display, discotheque for whole the family, spooky train night rides, tour of haunted castle Draxmoor (not for the faint-hearted) and much more!

Fairytale village Podlesíčko (24km)

Fairytale village Podlesíčko is 20 km from Peklo Čertovina, between Svratka and Nové Město na Moravě. From this amazing place you will find one of the most beautiful views of the Vysočina countryside. The fairy-tale village Podlesíčko consists of 10 picturesque huts, each of which is inspired by a Czech fairy tale.

Scenic Tours over Vysočina - Skuteč (13km)

Aeroclub Skuteč offers scenic flights on aircraft, motor glider or helicopter for the general public as well as interest groups. From a bird's eye view, you will see the natural beauty our Czech countryside has to offer.