Tobacco Pipes Museum – Proseč (0.5km)

Museum of tobacco pipes right on our Prosec town square has a unique collection of pipes produced in our area. This collection is enhanced by valuable pipes from all over the world and is located in the most charming historical structure from mid-18th century.


Nove Hrady Castle (7km)

Only 7km away from us you can visit this beautiful rococo castle which is called the Czech Versailles. Since 1997 the entire castle complex has undergone extensive reconstruction with near future plans for a castle hotel. The present owners’ mission for this place is to gain once again the reputation of one of the most significant social, cultural and historical centers of the Czech Highlands (Vysočina) region.

Litomyšl Chateau (UNESCO) (16 km)

16km from Prosec, the chateau in Litomyšl is one of the largest renaissance chateaus in the Czech Republic. The complex is a rare example of the italian renaissance palace for the conditions of the Alps. In 1999, the Chateau in Litomyšl was registered on the UNESCO world heritage list for its unique renaissance architecture.

Hamz's Park and Arboretum (18 km)

In this forest park admire 475 species of plants, shrubs and trees from four continents on an area of 13 hectares. At the beginning of 2016, Hamz's Park was promoted to a botanical garden and is loved by all who like nature and want to explore interesting plants from different continents.

Ležáky Memorial (20km)

The mission of NKP Ležáky is to care for keeping the memory alive of the extermination of the hamlet of Ležáky and the suffering of its inhabitants, who, on 24 June 1942, fell victim to Nazi outrage for their support of the resistance movement. The concept of the Ležáky landscaping shows an evident endeavor to maintain the natural character of the area while addressing its commemorative aspect at the proper places. Bearing a carved air cross and the family names, the monuments of each family in the shape of stelae are set on the foundations of their respective houses.

Skanzen Betlem (20 km)

Betlem (along with Skanzen Vesly Kopec) is a historical preservation of folk architecture and is part of a collection of traditional buildings of Vysočina, the largest natural museum in the country, founded in 1972. It was declared a national preservation in 1995 for its unique urban ensemble of timbered, semi-timbered and brick houses belonging to craftsmen from the 2nd half of the 18th century. The crafts were mainly potters, weavers, carpenters, toymakers, saddlers, shoemakers and butchers. Today’s Betlém consists of 24 houses, of which 16 are cultural monuments. There are period craftsmen's workshops, exhibitions and historical programs for museum visitors.

Devět Skal (24km)

This rock labyrinth Devět Skal (“Nine Rocks”) with climbing towers, with height ranging from 5 to 19 meters, are a sought-after climbing terrain, but also a natural monument since 1976. There are 110 climbing routes in this locality.

Skanzen Vysočina - Veselý Kopec (28 km)

Veselý Kopec (along with Skanzen Betlem) is part of the largest natural museum in Bohemia - a set of folk and crafts Vysočina. This set of museums is made up of a former suburb of Hlinsko and several historical settlements of Vysočina - Svobodné Hamry, Posděděnice, Betlem, Dřevíkov, Rváčov, Všeradov and especially Veselý Kopec. The first objects were built in 1972, since then you can see the life and work of Czech peasants of the 19th and 20th centuries. You can see the exposition of the way the way they lived, their housing, customs, food etc.

Chrudim town (30km)

When the word Chrudim first appeared in written records, the site had already been inhabited for several thousand years. Archaeological excavations have proved that, people had already built a fortified settlement on raised ground, some 6 thousand years ago. Chrudim was declared The Town Monument Zone in 1990 due to its well-preserved medieval structure forming town’s foundations.