Football Field Proseč

There is a football field in our village, belonging to the football club FK Proseč.

Multipurpose Field Elementary School Proseč

GPS:49°48'21.856"N, 16°6'52.253"E

Lockable multipurpose pitch for tennis, volleyball, soccer and other ball games. Dimensions of the playground 40 x 22 m. Artificial grass surface (JUTA grass). Tennis rackets, balls and balls can be rented at SOTM Tourist Information Center in Prosec. Key for entry to the course: tel.: 468 005 028, e-mail:

Children’s Multipurpose Playground - Proseč by Swimming Pool

GPS: 49°47'59.033"N, 16°7'1.834"E

Recreational tennis, football, basketball, floorball, small football - with reservation on the website of Prosec. May - October: 7.00 am - 9.00 pm. During school days the playground is reserved until 16.00 for the needs of elementary school. Key for entry to the course: tel.: 468 005 028, e-mail:

Children's playground - behind Catholic Church

GPS: 49°48'16.553"N, 16°7'1.637"E

Swings with a slide, connected by two castle towers.

Children’s Multipurpose Playground - Záboří "U HANGÁRU"

GPS: 49°47'49.520"N, 16°6'47.609"E

Swings, football pitch (small football, training for football), fenced in court (football, volleyball), playground with outdated attractions - carousel, swings, sandpit - in 2019 planned reconstruction.

Children’s Multipurpose Playground – Ceska Rybna

GPS: 49°48'1.077"N, 16°4'20.307"E

Playground for ball games (football, volleyball) and a part is a newly reconstructed playground designed for children from 3 to 12 years - walls with a platform, ladder, climbing ramp, throwing walls, house, climbing net; merry-go-round, sandbox and swing.